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Welcome to TREE OF LIFE tours! Costa Rica's most unique and versatile tour company.

Whether you seek high adventure soaked with pure adrenaline, or peaceful hiking through pristine rainforests, we have what you want. TREE OF LIFE is the only company offering tours to the top of the spectacular, 600 foot, Diamante Falls!

After an invigorating hike up the mountain, and a dip in one of the natural pools, you will enjoy lunch in an amazing open air cave nestled between twin waterfalls perched high above the Diamante.

We offer several tours to the top of the mountain, including hiking, both beginner and advanced rappelling, canyoning, cliff jumping and swimming in magnificent natural pools beneath the falls. We offer one day and overnight tours with accomidations in the cave.

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  • Reservations : 506 8325-9818
  • Las Tumbas: 506 2787-0555

Another great attraction is the wildlife. Howler Whiteface, and Spider monkeys have all been known to frequent the area, along with a myriad of birds, three-toed sloths, and countless of other species of fauna. The florais equally attractive with an array of colors and textures that will dazzle the eye. Combine this with a breathtaking waterfall gardenand it‘s no wonder people have called Diamante canyon the most wonderfull natural beautyof Costa Rica.


Be assured , in addition to extensive knowledge about the flora and fauna, our bi-lingual guides are well trained , experienced , and internationally certified . Best of all they enjoy what they do creating a fun and exciting adventure.

Another focus of TREE OF LIFE is our community service projects which include organic and ornamental gardening , green house construction , beach and river clean-up , and group activities supporting the local communities.


TREE OF LIFE is proud to announce it’s new partnership with PACIFIC JOURNEYS, an outdoor adventure company that has been operating specialized tours in Costa Rica since 1996. PACIFIC JOURNEYS offers Costa Rica’s newest and most unique tours with an emphasis towards sustainable development, environmental projects and an educational center that now offers certifiable training in swift water rescue, technical rope rescue, and wilderness medicine.

We hope you enjoy our site and please feel free to call or email us for additional information or with any questions.